Since it’s establishment in 1980, Jasmin has been very fortunate to receive a great number of reviews by even the most discerning food critics. The following are some examples of what they had to say.

Adelaide, Australia: On the hunt for an authentic dish
‘…another of those places everybody in Adelaide recommends. The place is cozy and warm, and a cricket bat collection, signed by some of the English and Indian teams that have eaten at Jasmin, hangs on the wall.

The spices used in Jasmin’s North Indian dishes are imported and blended by the 80-year-old matriarch of the restaurant’s family, and our waitress describes some items on the menu, such as the chicken tindaloo, as “alarmingly hot.” They are also alarmingly delicious.

Janis Cooke Newman
The LA Times

Bowled Over By Australia
‘Our meal incorporated some distinctive dishes: fillets of barramundi and Punjabi lamb cutlets, both cooked in the tandoor; an eggplant curry that was delicious with the lamb and an extremely hot beef vindaloo.

More distinctive still was their “feed me” menu. Aimed principally at those who cannot decide what to order after a long day at work, it could just as easily suit those worn out by a long day at the cricket.’

Nicholas Lander
London Weekend Financial Times

Lonely Planet Australia – Splurge!

‘Mrs. Singh’s mouth watering North Indian cuisine garners a full house and keeps Jasmin among Australia’s top100 restaurants. If you like it hot try the vindaloo.

Lonely Planet Australia

Advertiser Adelaide Food Awards

‘…Jasmin remains our premier Indian restaurant and among the best in Australia.

Everything here has an air of quiet refinement, the result no doubt of an operation honed over 20 years of stewardship by the Singh Sandhu family. The service is silky smooth, the basement dining room is full of personality, not clutter, and Mrs Singh’s food never disappoints. Each dish is a revelation, with its own spicing nuance, from the perennial favourites such as Punjabi tandoori lamb and prawn sambal to something new from the constantly changing specials list. Don’t miss the delicious breads, especially the cheese naan.’

Food and Wine
The Advertiser

Galaxy Restaurant Guide

‘Anant Singh’s cooking has developed like the finest wine to absolute perfection. Her spoon is ever ready, tasting and ensuring consistency. Order anything you want with complete confidence. Anant we salute you, your family, your team and your unsung contribution to South Australian food with consistent excellence.’

Galaxy Restaurant Guide